About Stelma

Everybody working with his hands knows the troubles caused by finger injuries, specially the fingertips.

STELMA® brings the ultimate solution with their self-adhesive gauze bandages.Easy to use. No scissors needed, just tear off the length needed. Helps to stop the bleeding. Once applied you can get on working in water, oil, grease or sand.

When removed no sticky adhesive rests on the skin. Does not stick to skin, to hair or, very important, to the wound. STELMA® gauze bandage: a must in every first - aid kit.

STELMA® INTERNATIONAL  is a small company, located near Antwerp - Belgium, specialised in the manufacturing of self-adhesive bandages. From the day we started the production of those bandages, we have been continuously searching to improve our quality, even until today.

We guarantee the delivery of a high quality CE certified product.
As a manufacturer, we still are looking for companies all over the world wanting to upgrade their range and distribute our products on their local markets.

Depending the retailing company, products are delivered under our registered “ STELMA ® “ brand name or under private label.



LIC International N.V. - Massenhovensesteenweg 54 - 2520 Broechem - Belgium | T: +32 3 475 00 73 | F: +32 3 475 10 77 | E: info@stelma.be